It’s an unfortunate fact that some prospective tubal reversal patients are financially disadvantaged and therefore cannot take advantage of some of the conventional means used to secure funding, such as personal or home equity loans or obtaining reimbursement from their insurance carrier. A non-profit tubal reversal ministry presents another alternative chance at fertility, second to securing a government grant. However, don’t instill you full confidence in these organizations.

Many have waiting lists that span years worth of fundraising efforts and require you to make contributions without any guarantee of putting you through surgery. These modest efforts might instead be directed elsewhere, such as funding your own pre-payment account with the surgeon of your choice. $100 a month and extra contributions whenever possible can put you well on your way to the operating room. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to become more informed about these organizations if not just to do you part in helping those that can’t afford tubal reversal surgery.

Blessed Arrows is a well-known Christian tubal reversal ministry that requires prospective members to engage in its online support community to be eligible for financial aid. You must be married to qualify for aid. There is a $30 non-refundable application fee and members must commit to monthly donations (no set amount) regardless if they are petitioning for support or not. Once funds have been successfully raised for your surgery, you will be required to schedule the tubal reversal within six months. The funds will be directly transferred to the doctor of your choice. Blessed Arrows employs a roll call system to ensure that members are meeting their dues.

The Lord’s Heritage Ministry is another recognized Christian ministry that can lend financial aid to cover your tubal reversal surgery. Members are expected to make donations of permissible amounts at regular intervals. Those that are petitioning for funds or are already listed on the waiting list must contribute monthly. None of these funds are used to fund administrative expenses. You can apply online and your application will be processed within 6-8 weeks. The review process includes a phone interview as well as a pastoral reference letter.

You will need to check with your respective ministry about what their policy is regarding concurrent enrollment. Most will ask that you remove your name from any existing ministry’s donation list as to mitigate the potential for fraud. If you are intending to write off your donations for tax purposes, check to see that the ministry is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

The odds may appear stacked against you when applying for tubal reversal financial aid, but the reality is that the more you can diversify you potential funding sources the better off you will be. If you are unable to take advantage of the health expense plans offered by your employer and your insurance company notifies you that they won’t cover the procedure, you still have something going for you. At the very least, even though you may not receive help from the ministry any time soon, you are personally helping someone else get a baby of their own.

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